Welcome to Grace Age Bible Church                        

It is the over-arching purpose of Grace Age Bible Church to be a place where people can come, no matter what state their lives are in. There are many people who have become disillusioned with the traditional church and simply have dropped out because the religion of men, the rules of men, and the rituals of men are not providing them with the life changing truths of God's Word. They are hungry for and in desperate need of the understanding and truth of God's Word. At GABC you will be taught the infallible truths of the Word of God and how they apply to your life in this Grace Age in which we live. GABC is based on each individual living in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, GABC is not based on the religion of men, nor does it have a board of directors, nor church police. You come as you are to a place that accepts you as you are and allows you to develop a personal relationship with God and to grow in that relationship. Please understand this, God is not mad at you, neither is He punishing you, nor is He out to get you, but the enemy is.

Dr. Paul and Susan Pinyan